Who We Are


アフリカデザイン会社、Maki & Mpho共同創業者・代表。モザンビーク系南アフリカ人デザイナー、ムポの柄デザインを使ったインテリア・ファッション雑貨の企画・販売事業、世界の時事問題や最新動向をアフリカ視点から発信するメディア事業を手がける。アフリカ・欧州を中心に、世界のクリエイティブ起業家の動向を追い、協業および取材を行う。コンサルティング会社、大手ブランド会社を経て起業。国際基督教大学教養学部学士、米国タフツ大学フレッチャー法律外交大学院国際経営修士。

Co-founder and Managing Director, Maki & Mpho LLC. The company develops and sells interior and fashion accessory products using African-inspired textile prints uniquely designed by Mozambican-South African textile designer, Mpho Muendane. It also has a media business covering global issues and latest topics from Africa perspectives; Maki frequently travels to Africa and Europe to meet global creative entrepreneurs for research and interviews. Before setting her own company, she worked for a consulting firm and a global brand as a strategist. Maki has a Bachelor of Arts degree from International Christian University in Japan and a Master of International Business degree from The Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy, Tufts University in the U.S.



1990年、神奈川生まれ。フリーランスのストーリーテラー。自身のストーリーテリングプロジェクトを始めるために2017年11月に独立。同12月より『Evertale Magazine』をスタート。2015年4月より『WIRED』日本版エディター。VOL.29アフリカ特集ではキガリ・ナイロビを訪れアフリカの魅力を知る。東京理科大学でバイオテクノロジーを学ぶも科学者になることを断念。大学卒業後、米国のコロラド大学ボルダー校への1年間留学を経て文転。早稲田大学ジャーナリズムコースでメディアの勉強を行う。

Freelance storyteller who was born in 1990 in Kanagawa, Japan. Yuto became a freelancer in November 2017 to start a storytelling service for clients, and launched “Evertale Magazine” in the following month. Previously, he had worked for “WIRED” Japan as an editor since April 2015. Yuto discovered his passion for Africa after visiting Kigali and Nairobi to write articles for the special issue on Africa (WIRED Japan, Vol. 29). He studied bio technology at Tokyo University of Science, but decided not to become a scientist. After graduating the University, Yuto attended University of Colorado Boulder for a year, and re-directed himself to humanities subjects. He was also enrolled in Journalism courses at Waseda University.